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The set of services, which can provided by our Company, includes:

  • Complete functional diagnosis of the power steering system;

  • Assemblage/dismantling of the steering booster units;

  • Exchange of hydraulic units (defective aggregate for the renewed one). This service will substantially save your time. We accept the units, which have no mechanic damages (are repairable); the wide range of end products is constantly available at our Kiev warehouse (racks, corner reducers and pumps for more than 200 car models);

  • Comprehensive repair of the steering control mechanisms with the use of original repair kits, full replacement of all the hydraulic high-pressure stuffing-boxes, junk-rings, bearing sleeves and bearings. If necessary (corrosion, wear) the drive and driven shafts as well as selector unit will be restored;

  • Repair (wear recovering) of the slide cases (same day fulfillment);

  • Sale of original hydraulic high-pressure stuffing-boxes, junk-rings, bearing sleeves and bearings separately as well as in full repair kits;

  • We accept the orders for restoration of shafts and manufacturing of professional tools, indispensable for the quality power steering control repair works;

  • In the nearest future we will be able to provide our customers with the toe-in and wheel camber adjustment at laser balancing stand.

    Stages of the steering control repair:

    1) Screening of the car and exact determination of the defects.

    2) Dismantling of the defective hydraulic system unit in the specially equipped area.

    3) Preliminary washing and further taking to pieces with the use of special tools.

    4) Washing of dismantled unit pieces and preparation for examining and defects finding .

    5) Defect finding is crucial and, perhaps, the most complicated stage of repair. The success of repair work and durability of the operation term depend on accuracy and correctness of its realization. Every component of the steering mechanism is thoroughly examined, measured with the high precision measuring instrument and afterwards the decision on further use of checked pieces is to be made.

    6) Repairable units will be restored. The wear in flow distribution unit case will be recovered, the shafts will be restored up to their design size with a +/- 0.03 mm tolerance (manufacturer's precision).

    7) Assembly. Upon the defect finding, restoration and replacement of irrepairable parts, the assembly is to be carried out. To do this only the original spare parts and special assembling tools are used.

    During the repairs the following parts are subject to replacement:
    1) bearing sleeves;
    2) whole set of the stuffing-box grommets and waterproofers.

    The guaranty period for the repair works is 6 months, without mileage limitation.

  • Shaft before and after renovation.

    Check-up of the shaft size upon repairs.

    Wear of the slide device case.

    Repair kit of the steering rack.

    Irrepairable and repairable parts.

    Integrated product (high-pressure pump).

    Integrated product (corner reducer).

    Integrated product (steering rack).

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