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Advantages of the ZF Servotronic

Easy, comfortable steering under standstill conditions and at low speed.

Safe handling through optimum road contact at high speed.

Accurate and sensitive steering due to an extremely precise valve system.

Through modifications to the elec-tronic control unit it is possible to exactly adapt the steering system to the vehicle characteristics.

The principle of direct hydraulic reaction ensures highest safety in all operating conditions.

The steering remains fully functional even in case of a complete failure of the electrical system or other electrical disturbances. In this case the ZF Servotronic works with the maximum reaction.

Characteristic curves of the ZFServotronic. The diagram shows how pressure and the torque required at the steering wheel vary with the driving speed. The shape of the char- acteristic curve may be adapted to match the character of the vehicle.

Torque required at the steering wheel [Nm]
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